Nevada Gaming Commission Sends Report Of Outdated Regulations To Governor


The Nevada Gaming Commission sent recommendations of gaming regulation alterations to Gov. Joe Lombardo Thursday. 

At the beginning of the year, the governor mandated that state agencies review regulations and by May 1 propose at least 10 regulations for removal. The gaming commission met that deadline, suggesting just over a dozen rules for removal and ranking them by priority. 

The Nevada Gaming Control Board held a workshop this month to solicit input from stakeholders on possible rules for improvement (eight) and removal (16). That feedback was then gathered and discussed briefly Thursday. 

What’s being changed?

Nothing is being altered just yet. 

While recommendations are being forwarded to the governor’s office, the control board and gaming commission still need to hold follow-up hearings to officially remove any regulatory subsections. Thursday’s meeting represented a step toward regulatory changes, but it doesn’t actually guarantee alterations. 

Among recommended changes is removal of a requirement for gaming entities to submit employee reports twice annually. The requirement is considered redundant. An additional proposal would remove a $250,000 cap on payouts for progressive keno games. 

Another proposal would remove the requirement that casinos use video surveillance to monitor change booths for slot machines. Those are largely nonexistent at Nevada casinos.

I’d like all the outdated regulations to be removed – but inserted into a permanent record.

— Terra (@JicaBatista) April 19, 2023

The need for relevancy served as a theme for multiple proposed regulatory removals. The goal was to make updates that fall in line with technological advancements, as some previous regulations are outdated in 2023. 

Members of the commission expect future discussions on proposed regulatory changes as the process unfolds.

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Author: Ryan Gonzales